Pruniers, Gascogne

‘Pruniers, Gascogne’

oil on canvas
62,5 x 50 cm (approx 24 3/4 x 19 “/4 inches)
© The Artist.
pruniers (fr) = plum trees (en)
Medium sized oil, which might need an odd retouch here or there.

The Lot & Garonne is well known for its prunes. This orchard stands on the heights of Dropt Valley. On the other bank, the blue distances roll away into Guyenne & Gasconny, the old provinces & principalities of the South West of France.

This is the second year in a row that the plum crops have been bad. The neighbours are beginning to dread next year as three bad years on the trot can really hurt a farmer.Soon they will be grubbing out the prune trees that once made the region famous ‘pruneaux d’agen’.. importing them from argentina now i believe.

Here’s a 30 x 40 of the plum blossom two spring-times ago, during ‘La Lune Rousse’, the red moon.

‘La Lune Rousse’
30 x 40 cm
Oil on Panel
©The Artist