Paintings of Vines by Adam Cope

“People often judge a painting from the first glance, but just as in wine, the work (if it’s good) must allow to look for a secondary, more subtle taste.  The conception phase is very important because it’s here that these subtle background flavours, these secondary tastes, are worked upon so that they can come out in the final work”  Adam Cope, Magazine ‘Terre de Vins’ Jan/Fev2009 – read the article in french

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” Souvent les gens jugent un tableau à première vue, mais come le vin, l’œuvre si elle est réussie doit permettre d’aller chercher un second goût. La phase de conception est très important car ce sont ces arrières saveurs, ces seconds arômes qu’il va falloir faire remonter.” Adam Cope, Magazine ‘Terre de Vins’ Jan/Fev2009 – lire l’article