No posts + no comments= no blog?

slow death & boredom by blogging? Well, this is but one calculation amongst many … the blog is still here, even if  me & it need a rethink.
think on this:
painters should only mediate with a brush in their hand – Balzac

3 Comments on “No posts + no comments= no blog?

  1.  by  Adam Cope

    thanks Casey for all yr support & interest & comments 🙂

    You are aware that this blog hasn’t achieved much poularity nor following & … return on effort.

    Waste of time? But what else is there?

  2.  by  JonInFrance

    Hi Adam -just to let you know – I’ve followed you for years – but there’s so much stuff on the net I just drop by once every few months now. The net is just so overwhelming. Guess what one has to look at is the frequency of posting – which you seem to have done wisely. Well you blog has surely made you know to quite a few people – I’m pleased to have known/know it/you. Best wishes! Jon