Le Forêt de Biron, Dordogne

‘Le Forêt de Biron’
Medium Size Oil on Canvas
65 x 50cm (approx 25,5 x 20 inches).
© adam cope
The forest is in flower, mauves of heathers & yellows of plantagenesta (broom, the heraldic flower of the Plantagent dynasty). Down in the deep dark wood (guffalos), the eiry ‘brame’ , the wailing of the stags.
Here’s a WIP of day one.

And day three, when it was getting towards the  finished state.


Too much like Cézanne?  Master Cézanne haunts me, I’m sure he does…


It was painted on the same sandy path as another medium sized oil dating from Janurary 2008.

Medium Size Oil on Canvas
61 x 50 cm
© adam cope