Dessins de la Cathedrale de Sarlat

I did some drawings whilst exhibiting in ‘La Maison de la Boêtie’, opposite the Cathedral Saint Sardos of Sarlat. Some where done in 2006 as well. Here’s some drawings of the architecture of the Romanesque cathedral (thirteenth century) with it’s patron saint St.Sardos:

with it’s Baroque door

The strange bell tower in slate

The archbishop’s palace, which joins on to the cathedral, in the flamboyant gothic style of the sixteenth century.

2 Comments on “Dessins de la Cathedrale de Sarlat

  1.  by  Casey Klahn

    A very effective group of sketches. You have due cause to be proud of these.

    The drama in the doors, esp. the bottom one, is excellent. I also like the inset saint very much.