China Moses & Danny Le Duc

China Moses & Danny Le Duc
ink & pencil
A5 sketchbook
© The Artist.

Well, that’s the end of the exhibition in Bergerac. All went well, with lots of visits, interesting conversations & sales. Confess to being somewhat tired. Exhausted even. Emtied out. End of large exhibitions are interesting times as it often marks the end of a cycle of work. Eighty paintings & drawings…

Sitting in on the show, looking at my work in a new light, in a new context, clarifying my thoughts. Shifting out new directions & new understandings.

So let the new cycle begin…. not however before I blog the drawings that I did during these last two weeks of summer holiday buzz in a tourist hot spot in the Dordogne.

‘Un été musical en Bergeracois’

The above was a blues concert that took place nextdoor to my show, part of  ‘Un été musical en Bergeracois’ – Dee Dee Bridgewater’s daughter-in-law I think I heard. Fun concert.

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