Chateaux Painting Holidays, France – major website update 2008

major website update 2008

I’ve been going boggled-eyed from spending days & days on the computer recently, doing a major website update. I hope you’ll find it worth a visit. Even if you’re not game for a painting course in rural France, the four-page section concerning the painting course itself is worth reading by students of painting as it does have some ‘content-rich’ reflections about the nature of learning to paint. Enjoy 🙂


up date 2013 – yes , still boogled eyed (if only I knew how much…) still updating website, still doing the google dance, still worried about attaining student uptake

2 Comments on “Chateaux Painting Holidays, France – major website update 2008

  1.  by  Cathy Gatland

    Your website is looking terrific, Adam – very inviting indeed! Not sure if it’s my computer, but one or two images don’t open for me – on the Welcome page (far view of chateau de beduer) and on Is the Painting Course…. the middle pic (painting course in france) – where I’ve just spotted the link to my blog, thanks! The new venue looks wonderful, and the cave painting pilgrimage fascinating.