Avec Yvés (aux pieds des Baux de Provence)

Watercolour. Quarter sheet Arches.

The view in landscape painting

Just carrying on with my rambling musings about ‘THE VIEW’ and previous painters…

Same view, again from September last, this time in a different medium. Walk the hills with my ‘confrérès’, other fellow artists who have painted the same landscape, the same paths & the same hills. Before me. Same view. Different vision? Well, up on the hill top, in Les Baux, I had visited le Musée ‘Yvés Brayer’ in the morning & so this is something of a hommage to another of my favourite painters. Those who have walked on this ground before me, who have made a path, their hearts & their hopes blowing in the wind, high above the hills, with the eagles.

Can we see the view without seeing previous artist’s paintings of the same view?

Yvés = Yvés Brayer