Student Paintings & Quotes about Learning to Paint

Quotes about Learning to Paint


I am still learning. – Michelangelo


Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.  – Abigail Adams


One must always be prepared to learn something totally new.  – Ludwig Wittgenstein


The fingers must be educated, the thumb is born knowing.  – Marc Chagall


I am progressing very slowly, for nature reveals herself to me in very complex forms; and the progress needed is incessant. – Paul Cezanne


The only people who need degrees are dentists and brain surgeons. – David Hockney


No matter what a budding artist’s background, education, or point of view, he or she must ultimately go to a room and become an inventor. Only in quiet moments of struggle will both success and joy manifest themselves.  – Robert Genn


The only way to learn to paint is by painting  – Charles Hawthorne


Your rules should arise out of your passions and your experience with what works for you. – Richard Schmid


It doesn’t get any easier; you just go faster – Cycling Wisdom


The important thing is somehow to begin. – Henry Moore


To begin, begin.  – William Wordsworth

A good beginning, a good middle & a good end. – Adam Cope

Buy a paint-box, and have a try. When I die and go to heaven, I want to spend the first million years painting — so I can get to the bottom of the subject. – Winston Churchill

Take the first step, and your mind will mobilize all its forces to your aid. But the first essential is that you begin. Once the battle is started, all that is within and without you will come to your assistance. – Robert Collier

If the farmer worries himself with the question
Of how the sown grain transforms itself in the summer,
He will get nowhere. The Earth gives forth.

Rilke, Sonnet to Orpheus

There are no mistakes, only tracks of where you have been to get where you are.  – Robert Kaupelis

The sooner you make your first five thousand mistakes, the sooner you will be able to correct them. – Kimon Nicolaides

Intelligence is what you use when you don’t know what to do. – Piaget

Never let it be supposed that anyone can be a good painter if he does not clearly understand what he is attempting to do. He draws the bow in vain who has nowhere to point the arrow. – Alberti, Treatise on Painting, 1435

The overwhelming tendency is to see what we believe to be there, rather than believing in what we actually see.  – Arthur Maderson

Teachers have a profound effect on their students and I wonder if they are really aware of that. Passing on our knowledge must be done in a way that enables the student to understand it, to retain it, to be able to implement it and to be enthused by it.  – Robert Wade.

No one has your answers because no one but you can comprehend the enormity of your questions. – Patti Digh

Learning is experience. Everything else is just information. ― Albert Einstein

Reflection is an important human activity in which people recapture their experience, think about it, mull it over and evaluate it. It is this working with experience that is important in learning. – David Boud

Art is a thing so much of the imagination, of the soul, that it is difficult to descend to the fundamentals of technique and yet make it plain to the student that these are but the ‘means’ and not an end in themselves. – John F. Carlson

The most perfect technique is that which is not noticed at all. – Pablo Casals

You don’t know a recipe until you have cooked it & eaten it at least ten times. – Adam Cope

Don’t try to recreate something you’ve done before. Challenge yourself constantly.  – Suzanne Partridge

Learn technique; have full command to the extent of not being conscious of how it is done. When craftsmanship has been developed, you are free to create… technique will give way to expression!  – Sergei Bongart

If one really wishes to be a master of an art, technical knowledge is not enough. One has to transcend technique so the art becomes an “artless art”, growing out of the Unconsciousness. – D.T. Suzuki

Cultivate an ever-continuous power of observation. Wherever you are, be always ready to make slight notes of postures, groups and incidents. Store up in the mind without ceasing a continuous stream of observations from which to make selections later. Above all things get abroad, see the sunlight, and everything that is to be seen, the power of selection will follow. Be continually making mental notes, make them again and again, test what you remember by sketches until you have got them fixed. Do not be backward at using every device and making every experiment that ingenuity can devise, in order to attain that sense of completeness which nature so beautifully provides, always bearing in mind the limitations of the materials in which you work. – John Singer Sargent

I always teach my students beauty.  No one should pass through four years of college without being given the knowledge of beauty and eyes with which to see it. – Chiura Obata

The world is colourful. It is beautiful, I think. Nature is great. Van Gogh worshipped nature. He might have been miserable, but that doesn’t show in his work. There are always things that will try to pull you down. But we should be joyful in looking at the world. – David Hockney

There is no such thing as starting where Cezanne left off. You have to start where he started… at the beginning. – Kimon Nicolaides

The advice I like to give young artists, or really anybody who’ll listen to me, is not to wait around for inspiration. Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up & get to work. If you wait around for the clouds to part & a bolt of lightning to strike you in the brain, you are not going to make an awful lot of work. All the best ideas come out of the process; they come out of the work itself. Things occur to you. ~ Chuck Close

Find a subject you care about and which you in your heart feel others should care about. It is this genuine caring, not your games with language, which will be the most compelling and seductive element in your style. – Kurt Vonnegut

Art is not difficult because it wishes to be difficult, but because it wishes to be art. – Barthelme

To understand theory is not enough. Much practice is necessary…  – Kimon Nicolaides