Hotel de Gisson, Sarlat


24 x 30 cm, Encre Chine on Watercolour Paper.


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Saraladiase round tower with hexagonal spiral stair case. The roof on was added later on I suspect.

Tournon d’Agenais (47)

Tournon d’Agenais (47)

30 x 40 cm. Oil on Canvas Board. sold
©adam cope
cold day
village perchée = literally village perched on top of a hill, in a defensive position..

Walnuts in Winter #1

Walnuts in Winter #1

30 x 40 cm. Oil on panel. copyright – the artist. sold

Walnut & Brambles in Winter #3

Oil. 46 x 38 cm (8F). copyright – the artist


bright light! end of the winter 🙂 coming alive again… phwefff

Walnuts & Brambles in Winter #2

Walnuts & Brambles in Winter #2

36 x 48 cm, 8 F: Oil on canvas. copy right the artist

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