‘Daffodils, Vernal Equinox’
25 x 30 cm. Oil on Panel. SOLD

I’ve been watching these daffs from over the top of the computer, outside my studio window, & frequently wondering just when I can finally get outside (& play – not unlike how I felt at school too). This year, I didn’t miss to do so. Vernal equinox, green fuse.
BTW, the daff is Narcissus ‘Binkie’.

Norman Adams( ex Keeper of the Royal Academy Schools)

Whilst tracing genealogies, I’m happy to mention my painting tutor at Newcastle University Art School, Norman Adams( ex Keeper of the Royal Academy Schools), who loved daffs too. He was a great English artist. Here’s one of his watercolours.

Merci Pour Ton Temps

30 x 15 cm. Oil on Panel.

Many people are kind to me. I ask for help & they help me. They give their time to me. I don’t say everyone is kind to me, for I know well the unkindness of a minority of people, hélas. May my heart know that these are luckily only a minority. Nice to be helped.
Of course, this painting is also a kind of ‘momento mori’. Tempus fugit. I thought as well that it’s quiet a ‘bloggish’ kind of a subject. This mularky of making a painting a day, a painting a week , well, isn’t it abit like a race against time? The rising clutter of days where we loose time if we are not careful. Tempus fugit.

BTW, the colour reproduction in the JPEG is rubbish. Still waiting for my camera but then again, I guess I have to be philosophical about waiting as well.

I know it’s abit silly to comment on paintings, so if this sounds pretentious, please just put it down to the turpentine.

La Dordogne à Bergerac – peinture

‘Bergerac Waterfont #2’

30 x 40 cm. Oil on Panel. SOLD
tous droits Reservées
sunny day
golden light
shinning reflections
i enjoyed painting this 🙂
i think the jpg is not too good – it’sthe sharpening tol in PS that rips the colours up.. i think i’ll have blury fotos , not over crunched up fotos…

Berges du Dropt #2

Berges du Dropt #2

Oil on Panel. 30 x 40 cm. copyright – the artist. sold
one of own personal favourites, this painting I like … semi abstract? a conception a little bit different from your average landscape daub… still shinning with light. a certainity of touch. nice colours too

Toutus Albus #2

Toutus Albus #2

25 x 24 cm. Oil on Board.

White on white. Beautiful spring. Brilliant light. not actually a 30 x 40 oil….