France plans loans for art buyers

France plans loans for art buyers

I quote from the BBC news article at the above link….


The government says interest-free loans will be offered to “modest” buyers to purchase works and it is expanding incentives for companies to buy.

A survey out this week showed that, for the first time, France had dropped from 3rd to 4th place behind China in sales of art works.

“There is a real need to act,” explained French Culture Minister Christine Albanel.

Under the scheme, members of the public will be granted interest-free loans worth up to 10,000 euros ($15,000, £8,000).

Mrs Albanel said the idea was “to bring private individuals closer to this act of buying a work of art” adding that the loan “was the price, for example, of a flat-screen television”.

She said the idea was also to help young artists.



pencil drawing of a buskers palying guitar

Pencil drawing, A5 sketchbook
© The Artist.
“‘A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.’ – Steve Martin”

Issigeac People

A5 sketchbook
A5 sketchbook

these may (or may not) amuse any local readers out there… recognise before & after the local elections?

A5 sketchbook

YOU ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN AN INTERNET COLLABORATIVE PROJECT…. Following on from a previous post Painters, Draughts-Persons & The Educative Value of Demonstrations I thought it’d be fun to gather a few of the images from ‘Le Musée Imagainaire’ (André Malraux). Images of paintings of painters painting or drawings of draughts-persons drawing. All levels, from genius to absolute beginner. Painting holidays or painting workshops are great occasions to practice this subject. Do you have an artwork of this type of subject? I’m going to create a static web page for these when I’ve done a ’round-up’. If you’d like to be included, why not send me a web-ready image (72 dpi 500 pixels largest dimension – please don’t jam up my letterbox with heavy files!!), and I’ll include it. It could be fun to get all these images together. Pourquoi pas? All levels welcome. Preferably your own work. Ongoing project – no deadline. Please spread the word & invite your friends.


‘The Lesson’ John Singer SARGENT 1911 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Transparent and opaque watercolor over graphite, with wax resist, on paper 38.1 x 46.4 cm (15 x 18 1/4 in.) The Hayden Collection. Charles Henry Hayden Fund

‘The Artist Drawing, Seated Astride a Fallen Tree, with Another Figure Watching over his Shoulder’ Claude LORRAIN (1600_1682) Brown Wash over Black Chalk 213 x 319 mm The British Museum


‘Workshopper’ Jeanne DOBIE , AWS watercolour sketch quartersheet arches 140 gms collection of Elizabeth Fuller reproduced in ‘Making Color Sing’ by Jeanne DOBIE, Watson – Guptil, 1986

‘Adam Teaching, Painting Holidays au Chateau de Lanquais, 1999’
oil & charcoal on gessoed card
A4 ©
‘Annabel Drawing’
Felt tip
pens 2007 ©
‘Painters in the Park’
quarter sheet watercolour 2008 ©
‘Students Painting in the Studio’
watercolour 2007 ©
Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers’
73 X 93 CM
Rijksmuseum Vincent Van Gogh, Amsterdam
‘Art Class at EL Tech’
Gillian Hill
‘Vivienne at Lanquais’
Cathy Gatland
40 x 25 cm
‘ Palette Layout Diagram – with Painters Tea-Break insert’
Cathy Gatland
A5 Sketchbook
‘Artist Sketching’
pencil in sketchbook
‘The Delights of Art’
1896 engraving


Ed Terpening
Oil on Linen
‘Chez Caty’ aquarelle 24 x 32 cm © adam cope
‘Thierry painting on the Streets’ ink 15 x 24 cm © adam cope

elly 14 – 5 -08

elly 14 – 5 – 08 a
A5 sketchbook – graphite pencil
© The Artist. 

elly 14 – 5 – 08 b
A5 sketchbook – graphite pencil
© The Artist.