‘Sous La Ruth No.2’
30 x 42cm – A3
© The Artist.

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‘Sous Le Ruth, No.1’
A3 – 29 x 42 cm
© The Artist.

Typical rock formation of overhanging cliffs in the Vezérè
A5 sketchbook

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Watercolour of Tea Roses

‘Tea Roses – Chateau de Beduer’
28 x 38cm (15 x 11 inches).
© The Artist.
The above painting was a demonstration piece ‘how to paint flowers loosely’ done for the benefit of students on my Watercolour Painting Holidays.
Even if you just simply experience for the first time the act of painting flowers… It’s  is an absolute delight, then some very essential learning has been achieved…

student of painting at Chateaux Painting Holidays, France

Joy Sharland – Painters Painting

‘Painters in the Courtyard at Chateau de Beduer’ Joy SHARLAND
June 2008
© The Artist.
Joy came on a recent Chateaux painting Holidays in SW France, & painted this accomplished watercolour. She had these kind words to say about the experience:
Dear Adam
Thank you for one of the best painting hols ever. We really do appreciate your teaching, kindness and not least your boundless enthusiasm. Promise to do better next year. And of course life would not be so good without Sue’s patient and unobserved feats of organisation which make everything appear so effortlessly well run. Sue – I kept thinking about you and the Strine Gang descending; hope it went well. Anyway, a really big thank you from us and also to the rest of the team. We loved them all.

Joy painting inside the Chateau



Paintings of Painters Painting : Drawings of Draughts-Persons Drawing

All levels welcome, from genius to absolute beginner.

I thought it might be fun to gather together a few of the images from ‘Le Musée Imaginaire’ (André Malraux). Images of paintings of painters painting or drawings of draughts-persons drawing. Painting holidays or painting workshops are great occasions to practice this subject.

Do you have an artwork of this type of subject? I’m going to create a static web page for these when I’ve done a ’round-up’. If you’d like to be included, why not send me a web-ready image (72 dpi – 500 pixels largest dimension) (to me at blog365-at-artists-atelier.com), and I’ll include it. Don’t forget to tell me your URL if you want a backlink. It could be fun to get all these images together. Pourquoi pas?

All levels welcome. Preferably your own work. Ongoing Project, no deadline. Please spread the word & pass on the invitation! Everyone welcome.


See the growing collection here :

Paintings of Painters Painting : Drawings of Draughts-Persons Drawing

‘Concert at Beduer’
Graphite pencil
A5 sketchbook
© The Artist.

During the second week of the Chateaux Painting Holidays that I lead about a week ago, there was a classical concert in the chateau itself. It was a Bach evening; a celloist who played some of the solo cello pieces with beautiful sonority. And a violonist of talent, Monsiuer Oliver PONS, who interpreted the “Ciaccona” from the D flat violin Partita no.2 beautifully… & slowly. I like to listen to these pieces whilst painting anyway, & so I feel I know them fairly well. They put my brain in the right state of mind to create. The violin partita is a wild & fantastic piece I feel, a veritable firework display of the imagination.

Drawing from the balcony of Chateau de Beduer , up in the ‘gods’, the setting was ripe & conducive for a flight of imagination….

The most amazing eighteenth century Venetian Candlerabra in wrought iron weighing over a ton

the seventeenth century fireplace, fit for a lord with it’s motif, almost like something from Batman’s house…

The antique painted bems high up in the gods….